lørdag 5. januar 2013

Looking back

Today I am showing some pictures from last year Dec. - Jan.
the reason for this is that blogger won`t let me post any new pictures - the button is gone simply!
Have heard some others have the same problem.
The above pictures are from last years december party.
The family gathers and eats trout, lefser and a kind of fish soup on the side. Regnbueørret og Spa.
For the table cloth I used sacking
flower pots were tin cans.
My dollshouse project.
An old homemade dolls house I found at a junk sale. Pictures from inside coming soon.
The chickens.
Winter in the forest.
A very warm welcome to new followers
Floss - Troc Broc and Recup and Plushpussycat :)
Good night from Norway
blessings Pam

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  1. I'm so glad I found your post, I'm having the same problem with blogger today! I thought I'd done something wrong and lost the upload photo button!

  2. That dollhouse looks like a wonderful find! I'm really looking forward to seeing the inside--it already looks really cute! xo Jennifer

  3. hi, many thanks for the comment you left.
    I came over to say hi because I've not seen your blog before and I love it!
    Thankyou for re-showing the dining table photos- I have a dinner to host and was wondering what my "theme" would be, and your table setting is IT most definitely.
    And your chickens in the snow (which they must be very used to) ours stayed in their house and wouldn't come out when it snowed here.
    Wishing you the happiest of happy new years

  4. Just nu längtar jag så efter VÅR! Vackra bilder du visar! Tack för att du tittar in hos mej! Kram Finas mammis

  5. Jättefin decemberdukning, och så
    härligt dockhus. Vinterfotot från skogen
    är mycket vackert också.

  6. Those are lovely table settings! Happy to have found you here! I have a cousin living in Norway and many other relatives as my grandfather moved here from Norway. I'm your newest follower!

  7. Så fint dekket bord OG så FIInt dukkehus ! Det fikk jeg lyst på også.

  8. Hei igjen ! Høres bra ut. Jeg bruker bare frøene inni granateplet , de sitter innimellom over alt i eplet. Noen ganger har jeg de i en fruktsalat eller i grønnsak salat eller bare for eksempel sammen med frisk annanas...det var godt. Klem

  9. Pam I loved your look back...it was wonderful....love that doll house, hugs from Alaska, love Heidi

  10. So happy to find your comments, thank you all! Hope your weekend is a very good one, blessings Pam


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