fredag 11. januar 2013

a cry for help - hjelp!

now I`m getting just a little bit
(more than a little bit)
Why on earth can`t I get out any new photos!
What is wrong with Blogger?
See many others have the same problem...
have any of you solved it?
If so please let me know.
So once again...
I am looking back at old blog pictures.
the farm...
A quiet day here today,
the youngest is home sick and taking it easy. I`m drinking coffee, knitting, reading and doing household chores.
oh yes...and dreaming
a lot of things we do in life begin this way:
evolves into an
which evolves into a
which then again becomes a
if we are bold enough to take the step when the time is ripe.
Wishing you all a very good weekend
A very warm welcome to new followers EMMA and SANDY - Hob Nobbers!
Emma...I tried to leave a comment with you, but had some problems (blogger?) will try again.
Blessings from Pam in Norway x

5 kommentarer:

  1. Takk for koselig hilsen inne hos meg. Jeg hadde samme problem , fikk ikk lastet opp bilder. Jeg bruker da bare en annen nettleser og da går det så det suser. God helg og kos dere med granatene ! ;)

  2. Hello :) I am very good at dreaming! Lots of things have still to be turned into reality though. Your farm is beautiful :)

  3. Hi Pam,
    You have to download and run Google Chrome to fix your problem. Google owns blogger and they have made it so you have to use their search engine. Unfortunately we are at their mercy if we use blogger. It is simple to do. Just go to google and type in download google chrome.

  4. Det är många som drabbats av detta med
    bildöverföringen, blädderlisten försvann!
    Jag tror det här är bloggers/Googels sätt och
    tvinga oss använda deras tjänster. Jag lägger
    ut foton via picasa, men har samtidigt installerat
    google chrome, men bara som en tjänst jag använder
    Hoppas det löst sig för dig
    Önskar dig en fin helg

  5. Ikke lett det med Blogger, jeg har problemer med bildene når jeg går inn på Bloggtoppen, ellers ikke foreløpig. Men du har en veldig koselig blogg, Pam, vet ikke hvor du bor, men det er veldig koselig på bildene hos deg. Og teppet er kjempefint! God helg til deg. Klem fra Unn :)


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