mandag 18. november 2019

Miniature Christmas food

Mini Christmas preparations 2019

1:6 th scale Polymer clay
Frosted Christmas fruit cake

Pam xxx

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  1. Hi Pam, I can see that you're in the mood for Christmas ;)! Your Christmas fruit cake looks not just yummy delicious, but it's also beautifully decorated. The golden plate and the lace doilie are great additions to your fantastic piece of work!
    I hope you and your family are doing well.
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  2. Så läcker . Nice to see you again. Eva xx

  3. Hei Eva, det gikk ikke å kommentere hos deg, så jeg sier hei her, og takk ☺, Pam

  4. That is so sweet! I love the detail.

    1. Thank you for kind words, much apprechiated. Pam x

  5. Vilken underbar julkaka !
    Hoppas kommentarerna ska fungera nu.
    Ha en härlig jul önskar jag dig och familjen . GOD JUL Eva

  6. Denne kommentaren har blitt fjernet av en bloggadministrator.

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  8. Adorable! I love miniatures and used to make and collect them when I was younger. Thanks for sharing and God bless.

  9. My goodness! Such detail at such a small scale. How do you do it? You must have good eyes and steady hands(and lots of patience!).


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