mandag 9. november 2015

Bright pink Flamingoes - Knallrosa Flamingoer

I have been using up some of my stash lately.
How about pillow cases with bright pink Flamingoes and pink backing?!

My youngest son
used his own money
and bought me 
a miniature bread set

Milk bottles!!
Bless him, so kind <3

Pillows and Duvets in various scales.
Using up pretty scraps for tiny projects.

Small scale Pumpkins and wheelbarrow.
In the dollhouse mode at the moment.

Although health has been very bad for months, Sunday I finally managed to get in a short forest hike. ATLAST! JIPPI! Absolute heaven. Feel so very grateful.

It was Fathers' day here in Norway on Sunday, so a cake for the boys was in order.

Jenny and I ate carrots instead.

As I blog on my phone, I can't make a link ( atleast I havn't managed it). Instead I will mention Droras minimundo and her great givaway here. You will find her lovely blog on my blogroll.

Hope your week will be a good one.

Pam xx