fredag 29. august 2014

Making dollhouse furniture - lage møbler til dukkehus

DOLLHOUSE furniture aprox 1:6 scale.
Aprox. because the house is slightly smaller.

I used:
 empty box
Ice cream sticks
Piece of wood for top
Thin grill stick for curtain rod

Du trenger:
En valgfri tom eske
Fin kartong til å kle inni
Plankebit til toppen
Og grillpinne til gardinstang.

Teeny tiny table runner from a charity store.

Bitteliten håndheklet duk.
Fra bruktbutikken.

God helg dere :)

Happy weekend everyone
 Pam xxx

søndag 24. august 2014

New Dollshouse - Stort Dukkehus

I have bought a new (old handmade) dollshouse. It is huge, almost fashion doll scale. I have put my coffee cup on the floor so you can see just how big it really is.

It will need a lot of doing up and changing, as is transformed from a toy into a decoration. 
As l said, it is almost fashion doll scale. A Barbie is 29 cm, I will be custom making the dolls for this house. Probably roughly 25 cm. Years since I last made dolls, hope I'm not too rusty :).

I love the staircases, 3 of them.

Pretty wallpaper, a keeper perhaps.

...and look at the attic! Ahh the potensial. See my lounge window-view out of the small window? 

Great transformations ahead, stay tuned :).

Jeg har kjøpt et nytt gammelt dukkehus!
Det skal pusses opp og det skal spesiallages dukker i str 25 cm.
Elsker trappene, 3 stk! Og loftet, her skal det skje store forandringer, følg med :).

Pam xx

lørdag 23. august 2014

Going no ...poo

Anyone tried

Cutting out shampoo?
No - Poo!

There are lots of links out there
when you google it.
I first heard of it via the "Down to Earth" blog in my sidebar. A blog well worth the read!
Back to my hair.
I started a week ago,
I have heard it been said
That it will take five to six weeks before
One sees the full result.

What l did:

Take two bottles.
Bottle number one
Fill 1 litre + 1 tbl spoon bicarbonate of soda.
Pour over hair, massage in and allow to work a min.

Bottle number two
Fill 1 litre lukewarm water + 1 tbl spoon of vinegar.
Pour over hair.
Rinse out.

I am rather pleased sofar, 
One week and it's not getting fatty atall.
On the down side: slightly frizzy in the morning ( my son thought l looked a little like a troll)
But that is temorary l undertand, and my hair is very soft.

Will be back with an update.
Well worth a try,
Saves money and environment
and does me good.

Pam xxx

fredag 22. august 2014

Gone off my rocker - Nytt trekk på gammel slitt gyngestol

An old rocking chair looking delicious in new "dress".
I payed very little for the 
The fabric l had in my stash
Voila :-)

Poor old chair
Who would have guessed
That it was
Sooo very comfortable!!

En gammel gyngestol jeg kjøpte ifjor
For den nette sum av 150 -,
Stoffet hadde jeg.
Nyydelig å sitte i :)

søndag 17. august 2014

Meat and bone stock - hjemmelaget kjøttbuljong

Inspirert av ruskeværet, har jeg kokt kjøttbuljong. En stor pose suppeben har putret under lokk i 12 timer sammen med purre, etpar gulerøtter og litt krydderier. 

Making one's own stock is super easy and very satisfying. The meat bones boiled for 12 hrs along with some carrots, leek and a few spices. The finished liquid was then strained twice and put into containers to freeze.

One portion l saved and watered out
1 part stock, 2 parts water. That is what works best for me.

Homemade meat soup.
Contains a hoast of different vegetables, can vary with the seasons.
The warmth and goodness of this soup stays inside you for a long time on a cold day.

at weekends only ;-).
Big treat this time:
Sponge cake with strawberries and vanilla cream!

Luksus helgedessert:
Sukkerbrød med jordbær og vaniljekrem.



torsdag 7. august 2014

Glimt fra Lundby dukkehuset - a peek at the Lundby dollshouse

Tre etasjer Lundby  med hage.
Ett av mine miniatyr prosjekt.
Her er en liten titt..

Three story Lundby dollshouse with garden.
One of my minuature projects.
Here is a peek..

The above pictures are from the master bedroom.
The curtains and very soft bedclothes are sewn from my father-in-laws unused handkerchiefs.

Mykt sengetøy og gardiner er sydd av svigerfars ubrukte herrelommetørklær.

The half finished bathroom.
No lights working yet.

Et bad som mangler litt detaljer.
Ingen lys i vinduene enda.

Pam xxx

mandag 4. august 2014

Vakre Bergen og miniatyrprosjekt. Beautiful Bergen and miniatures for my project.

A holiday trip to Bergen.
More miniatures for my project and a beautiful city.

Tiny ornament. Bought in a tiny souvenir shop up the west coast. Fisherman and son.

From Bergen. Tiny Hanseatic houses for a dollhouse project.

More miniature souvenirs. The cannon is for the professor's study.

Narrow alley in Bergen. A well known tourist attraction. Bergen is now a modern European city, however at one time this is what it looked like. Nowonder fire and plague spread quickly.

View over Bergen from Fløyen. 
The cable cars were fun, at least for the two legged. Jenny wasn't atall sure.

I love coming to Bergen, a beautiful city, set between majestic mountains.

Pam xxx

lørdag 2. august 2014

perfectly imperfect

Kjøkkenet i det gamle huset.
Originale skap fra rundt 1900 er bevart.
Dessverre røk baksteovnen ut under velment "modernisering" en gang på 60' tallet.
Et hus med skjeve gulv og knirkende planker.
Et hus med sjel.
Perfekt uperfekt.
Akkurat som vi mennesker.
Vi strever alltid etter det perfekte
Men trenger vi det?
Kanskje uperfekt er mer enn bra nok?!

Kitchen utencils on display in the old house. 

This old farmhouse is from the beginning of 1900. The kitchen was modernized in the 1950's but happily the original cupboards were kept. 
There is a peaceful atmosphere here in this old house with it's creaky floors and tiny window panes, worn door steps and hand made timber walls and beams.
We have buildt a new house that is warm and easy to keep,
Somehow it is almost
Too perfect.
I have a love for the used, for
Life lived
For the
Perfectly imperfect.

Pam xx