tirsdag 16. februar 2016

Water colour cards - Akvarellkort

Youngest son and I
have been painting with water colours.

Lillegutt og jeg har malt med akvarellfarger.

Litte creative hands
Små kreative barnehender

Dry and ready to cut.
Tørre og klare til å klippes opp.

Made into double cards and set out to dry.
Doble kort til tørk.

Cards ready in plastic for the next market.
I plastlommer og klar for neste julemesse/marked eller hva det blir. 

Pam xx

fredag 12. februar 2016

Week past - Uken som gikk

The past week has been a lot about 
keeping spirits up.
Sick children home from School
and my illness playing havoc
with this mortal frame
(Yes I stole that from William :) )

(A warm colourful shawl, pattern found on the "Down to earth" blog, you can find Rhonda on my sidebar)

One way of staying cheerful
is being creative when health allows.
It is so important to me that I have to snatch a few moments
every day.

I cannot eat sugar or flour, as it makes me really sick,
but my family loved the glutenfree cream buns I made.
They were filled with homemade strawberry jam.

One fun escape from the every day 
is the world of miniatures.
Here in aprox 1:6 
Originally Christmas tree ornaments.

Knitting on 1.25 mm needles,
Jersey with raglan arms.

Noen bilder fra uken som gikk.
Kreativitet løfter humøret når kroppen er dum mot meg.
Denne vinteren har den vært mer dum enn på lenge.
Litt kreativitet noen minutter hver dag gjør uendelig godt.

Ønsker alle en fin helg, endelig litt sol og blå grader igjen.

Wish you all a good weekend. The Sun is out here and temperatures have dropped.
A beautiful frosty morning.

Pam xx