torsdag 29. oktober 2015

Rag-rugs and Halloween

My rag-rug is finished and ready to warm our feet this winter. Underneath there will be a circular anti-slip mat to avoid it sliding.

A birthday card for a friend ♡
(The lace is from my mother-in-laws old curtains!)

We don't celebrate Halloween much, but we do have an Autumn childrens' party
with cobwebs, spiders, pumpkins and cakes. Not forgetting a treasure hunt in the dark.
Always great fun.

But don't eat too many sweets...
it could make you sick ;)

(pumpkin made by my eldest son)

Pam xx

fredag 23. oktober 2015

Rag-rug /heklet filleteppe

Heklet teppe av fargerike filler.

A colourful rag-rug project.
Norwegians are not fans of wall-to-wall carpets, but loose easy cleanable floor mats and rugs are snug in winter.

The days are drawing in here in Norway, soon the clocks go back to winter-time and soon we get up and arrive home in darkness. 

It has been a stormy night, flower pots and rubbish bins tipping over and spilling their contents. A quiet sunny morning with clear blue skies. Contrasts indeed.

Wish anyone popping in 
A great weekend.
God helg.

Pam xx

lørdag 3. oktober 2015

Høst ved havet - Autumn by the seaside

Many a storm has swept over these majestic fir trees.

Still waters on a beautiful sunny Autumn evening.

A splash of colour

Thrown up on land during the last storm

Another magical sunset this past week.

Indoors - for evenings drawing in.

Piece of a very old chest, rest not salvagable.

Deler av en gammel kiste. Plattform for dansende lys på mørke høstkvelder.

God helg
happy weekend

Pam xx