fredag 27. juli 2012


awareness of the moment
not easy
but valuable...
Being present
in one`s self
even if there`s an ongoing storm
in one`s life.
Truly not easy...
but trying still

Beauty in the eyes of the beholder my eyes...
what about in yours?
What is beautiful in your eyes?
Treasure the feeling.

An old jug - a gift
Beautiful flowers from a thoughtful little boy...
Mindfulness - awareness of the moment

Have a blessed day
nomatter what challenges you may face.

Hugs Pam xx

lørdag 21. juli 2012

Holiday to the coast - Ferietur til kysten

A holiday visit to the coast

Here are a few snapshots from the coastal town of Kristiansand -
Kristiansand by i sommersol

These swans were on a little beach, hoards of small children on the one side and Swan family on the other. I have never seen such peaceful swans, papa protected if anyone came too near, but made very little fuss otherwize.

En rolig og avslappet Svanefamilie på bystranda.

Bye for now - hadde litt (som de sier i Kristian by)

Klem - hugs


tirsdag 17. juli 2012

Tea for two

How about tea on the terrace this fine Summer morning Old Ted? Why thank you Tinkel tail, that would be most agreeable!

Two old friends share a pot of tea and watch the forest come to life after a short night.

To gamle venner deler en kanne te og nyter synet av skogen som våkner fra en kort sommernatt.

Two old friends who began their journey in the arms of a little boy with soft fair curls,
many years ago, 
under an African sky.

To gamle venner som begynte sin livsreise i armene på en liten gutt
med myke lyse krøller,
for mange år siden,
under afrikas himmel.

One or two lumps of sugar dear?

Hugs Pam x

Klemmer x

tirsdag 3. juli 2012

Who`s got my Summer?
It should be here, it`s July already
and yet I find myself wanting to light the fire and get a blanket out.
Oh well...
the rain is keeping everything green isn`t it...
and I still have the pictures from
Last Summer
to enjoy dont`t I ;)

Sofar I have spent the Summer sightseeing and picknicing with my family. Nothing beats a really good homemade lunch with soggy tomato sanguages, sausage rolls or salad and crunchy bacon slices! Be it rain and blanket or sunscreen weather :)!

Will be back with some rainy updates shortly, unless we float away...

Hugs Pam