mandag 29. oktober 2012

overstepping the line

Somehow I think this fellow must have loved punch too much,
sadly overstepping the line at some point ...
I`m normally not into the ugly side of Halloween
and make a fun autumn party for my children and nephews with treasure hunt in the dark and yummy food...
couldn`t resist this guy though ;)
a few cobwebs never hurt anyone...
and pumpkins of course, the children always hollow out smiley pumpkins.
Been finishing some projects this past week -
long armed T- shirts for the boys
They chose the fabrique themselves,
And a pillow from a tea towel and recycled zip.
As always, hiking is what we enjoy the most this time of year...
and as always, food always tastes better outside round a camp fire.
Warm crunchy cheese sanguages with hot soup, cheap, simple and delicious

Be in to visit you all this evening, thanks for lovely comments :)!
Welcome to new follower Beki - "Ramblings of an Everyday Mummy"
Blessings Pam

fredag 19. oktober 2012

October Friday

Friday again
Raining outside
I`m making Taco
and the boys have made a fruit salad
Hope you all have a really good weekend
will be in to check on you Saturday or Sunday
everyone is starving here
so I had better feed them ;)
Blessings Pam

søndag 14. oktober 2012

Summer Market - Sommermarked 2013

Summer Market 2013
People have started talking about Christmas and Christmas crafting...
I am working toward next year`s Summer market
:) don`t get me wrong, I love Christmas and my first gifts are already bought ;)
Folk her i blogglandia har allerede begynt å snakke om Jul og Juleforberedelser...
I jobber mot neste års sommermarked :) jeg er veldig glad i Julen og første julegave er forlengst kjøpt inn.
The Muffins - or Cupcakes on the above picture are the first of 24 I have to make to fill the stand we are going to use.
My sister, my mum and I are going to have a stand together, got to be fun :)!
Muffinsene på bildet over er de første av totalt 24 jeg må lage for å fylle stativet vi skal bruke.
Søster, min mor og jeg skal ha stand sammen - må jo bare bli hyggelig :)!
Ønsker velkommen til ny følger
og ønsker deg og alle som måtte titte innom
ei flott høstuke
Store snøfiller i lufta idag, men ingenting har heldigvis lagt seg enda :)
Welcome to a new follower and wishing you and anyone who might pop in at Winkel`s
a great week
Big snow flakes in the air today, but glad nothing has settled yet :)
blessings Pam