tirsdag 29. april 2014

This and that on a tuesday

Red Dollhouse furniture.
Originally for Pippi Longstockings house.
I think it looks a treat in my little farmhouse though.

My candleford shawl is almost done, just a few loose ends
And perhaps a crochet edging.

Hubby has removed the entire terrace.
A new, almost cost free and low upkeep area is under planning.
More on that later.

A pressie :-)
Ikea dollhouse furniture.
Not sure of the scale, or where it is going, but isn't it qute :-).

In my car outside a local shop on my smartphone. Finally an internet that works!
I have given up the internet at home for time being. 

Blessings Pam x

fredag 25. april 2014

Dolly Pram!

A treasure from the seventies.
This little Simo dolls pram is a lot like the one l had as a child.
Mine "vanished" over the years, so l was thrilled to find this one close by and for a good price.
Although without bedlinen it is in very good condition.
I have several of my old dolls still and they can all sit in this until a little girl comes along one day. 
Right now l am having fun planning the new bed clothes ;-)

My internet is crazy slow and we cannot find out why, this is the reason for rather short posts. This post has taken me an hour to do!! 

Blessings Pam xxx

tirsdag 22. april 2014

Wood Anemones

Spring is well and truly here after a long dark winter.
Wood Anemones are some of my favourite flowers, particularly the blue ones which are quite scarce.

Wishing everyone a good week.
 Pam xxx

fredag 18. april 2014

Snowy slopes and warming fires. Thankfulness.

For us
Easter is all about gratitude
For HIS ultimate sacrifice
For countless blessings
Big and small

Easter is a time spent with the nearest and dearest
My V.I.P's
Simple pleasures
Mostly for free

My battered body managed to hit the slopes up in the mountains one last time this year.
My balance has worsened considerably.
Did manage to knock my husband over and bend his ski pole quite badly.
Rather funny if you have the right perspective ;-)

Evenings bring candle light, knitting, tea and the ever delightful mysteries of Agatha Christie.

Blessed Good Friday
Pam xxx

onsdag 16. april 2014

Thoughts on holidays

My sincere wish for everyone who might pop in.

Holidays, be it Christmas, Easter or Summer, can be somewhat of a challenge if life has reached a "bump" and everyone elses happiness reinforces ones own saddness.
However, it helps to make ones pleasures small.


Some of my little pleasures are:
Midsomer Murders
Hercule Poirot
Miss Marple
A new knitting project in pure Alpaca
The smell of freshly baked Hot Cross buns
My favoutite pukka tea
and the list goes on.

Warm Easter greetings,
Christ is truly risen!

Pam xxx

tirsdag 15. april 2014

Thoughts on wood

Good morning!
A good clear out of  an area of boggy forest is providing us with next winter's wood. Fresh air, manual labour at a chosen pace and ample oppotunities to teach the children about the nature we are all a part of. Life at its best in my opinion.

I just love the smell of fresh saw dust mixed with coffee brewing and lunch cooking over an open fire.

Have a good day everyone, make the most out of small things. Laugh a lot, love a lot, worry less.

Hugs Pam xxx

søndag 6. april 2014

I am back


Christmas has passed, Winter too. April begun with sleet but also with snowdrops and sunny days. Winter proved to be a very long and very dark one this year, in more ways than one.

The dark months have reinforced and renewed our longing for a simpler life and a more intentional life. We are getting there one step at a time. I hope you would like to join us on our quest to leave materialism behind.

Pam xxx