mandag 24. desember 2012

Happy Birthday JESUS and a very blessed Christmas to everyone

The meaning of Christmas
Gift of gifts

The chest of drawers in my bathroom
dressed for Christmas
We had a snow storm last weekend
glad I`m not a tractor
looks cold...
We had another snow storm last night
and had to dig out the rabbits house again.
They have heat on iside and are happily warm and cosy...
noone cold or hungry for Christmas
The edges of the road look like this now,
well over 100cm of snow
and huge drifts in places.
- 5 this morning and the howling wind has died down
making it quite pleasant. My mum and I went for a lovely walk along the road to get a breath of fresh air while the Turkey is roasting. Won`t be goint to church today as the roads are pretty bad after the storm. Got stuck out driving last night and wow was that awful, the road was gone many places and I had to more or less guess where it was. Can`t live here without a 4wd car.
We celebrate Julaften in Norway, which is Christmas eve, with parcels and dinner five o`clock.
As I grew up in an English - South African home, I have stockings and Father Christmas coming in the night, Turkey, mince pies, christmas cake as well as all the norwegian traditions. My grandfather was afterall Norwegian :)
We have the best of both worlds so to speak.
Happy Christmas
God Jul
everyone :)!

mandag 3. desember 2012

A little Christmas decorating has begun

My Kitchen
this corner is where we have all our meals.
I don`t have a dining room anymore but chose an open solution between lounge and kitchen.
The table is from 1940 and oak.
It can be extended to about three metres.

Kitchen treasures on display

Love this little shelf/open cupboard
and all that is in it -
memories for both my husband and I.
Small things from our childhoods -
put together in one place.

Christmas crafting evening and parcel game with my children. my mum and my sisters children -
a chistmas tradition
Under here somewhere there are angels, appels, candles, a squirrel and more...
not complaining though...
I love snow...
the last lot is light and fluffy and chistmasy :)
- 10 Celsius and fabulous.

Melvin hates the snow and cold!
We have been trying for a couple of weeks to get him used to enjoying the outdoor...
but he yeowls at the top of his little voice and climbs up my daughters back...
perching on her head like a miserable parrot
claws out
fur in a fluff!
Wish my followers and anyone who might pop in
a good week
take time to enjoy the moment.
A very warm welcome to new followers! Lovely to have you along!
Blessings Pam
p.s. thank you for lovely comments :) I will be checking in on you all this ev.

fredag 16. november 2012

Melvin has joined the family

Melvin has joined the family
here taking life easy in the kitchen
Another pillow
granny squares
and floral backing with envelope opening.
A Christmas pillow
for my mum.
Trying to make a lot of my presents this year,
want Christmas to be about more than expensive presents.
Want to focus even more on Who we are celebrating
Christ - and what He is all about.
The shopping mania that goes on at the big shopping centes during the weeks before Christmas really winds me up.
Have had this fabrique for ages,
what fun combining different patterns and making something unique -
that won`t be found in the trend shops.
Are you going to be making any gifts this year?
Well, believe it or not but it`s Friday again!
We will be going to a Christmas market tomorrow, first this year. Lots of uniqe homemade products and a wiff of the Chistmas feeling. I bought homemade jelly babies last year, never seem to be able to get the consistency right when trying my hand at them. 
Wishing you all a really good weekend
enjoy the moment.
Blessings Pam

tirsdag 13. november 2012

There are always things to enjoy somewhere

Look at this lovely vintage fabrique I was sent a while back!
Nydelig retrostoff jeg fikk tilsendt for en tid tilbake!
Clementines and Mandarines - the smell and taste
is a wiff of the Christmas season for me.
Mandariner på tur
litt førjulsstemning langt inne i skogen.
always Coffee!
And another blanket in the making...
like I said earlier
one can never have enough ;)
Be in to check on you all later
Blessings Pam
P.S. Anyone know how I can remove the comment confirmation on my blog? Can`t seem to be able to remove it
gateful for suggestions :)

torsdag 8. november 2012

One can never get enough hand crafted blankets!

my big blanket is complete!
It is folded here and actually four times the size it looks.
Love using bright colours
particularly this time of year, as nature looses it`s colours outside.
My latest sewing project,
an everyday dress
for yours truly ;)
Some wintery pictures.
The snow came and went, but there are enough frosty mornings with temperatures down to - 7 Celsius.
AND we don`t have to get the snow plough out either...

I will be in to visit you all during the weekend!
Blessings Pam :)

fredag 2. november 2012


Lights indoors
Picture doesn`t do them justice
White light
just enough to light up the small passage
when darkness falls outside.
Thank you for your comments on previous post
my computer is playing up again, so I`ll be popping in to visit you from my mobile phone.
Blessings Pam

mandag 29. oktober 2012

overstepping the line

Somehow I think this fellow must have loved punch too much,
sadly overstepping the line at some point ...
I`m normally not into the ugly side of Halloween
and make a fun autumn party for my children and nephews with treasure hunt in the dark and yummy food...
couldn`t resist this guy though ;)
a few cobwebs never hurt anyone...
and pumpkins of course, the children always hollow out smiley pumpkins.
Been finishing some projects this past week -
long armed T- shirts for the boys
They chose the fabrique themselves,
And a pillow from a tea towel and recycled zip.
As always, hiking is what we enjoy the most this time of year...
and as always, food always tastes better outside round a camp fire.
Warm crunchy cheese sanguages with hot soup, cheap, simple and delicious

Be in to visit you all this evening, thanks for lovely comments :)!
Welcome to new follower Beki - "Ramblings of an Everyday Mummy"
Blessings Pam

fredag 19. oktober 2012

October Friday

Friday again
Raining outside
I`m making Taco
and the boys have made a fruit salad
Hope you all have a really good weekend
will be in to check on you Saturday or Sunday
everyone is starving here
so I had better feed them ;)
Blessings Pam

søndag 14. oktober 2012

Summer Market - Sommermarked 2013

Summer Market 2013
People have started talking about Christmas and Christmas crafting...
I am working toward next year`s Summer market
:) don`t get me wrong, I love Christmas and my first gifts are already bought ;)
Folk her i blogglandia har allerede begynt å snakke om Jul og Juleforberedelser...
I jobber mot neste års sommermarked :) jeg er veldig glad i Julen og første julegave er forlengst kjøpt inn.
The Muffins - or Cupcakes on the above picture are the first of 24 I have to make to fill the stand we are going to use.
My sister, my mum and I are going to have a stand together, got to be fun :)!
Muffinsene på bildet over er de første av totalt 24 jeg må lage for å fylle stativet vi skal bruke.
Søster, min mor og jeg skal ha stand sammen - må jo bare bli hyggelig :)!
Ønsker velkommen til ny følger
og ønsker deg og alle som måtte titte innom
ei flott høstuke
Store snøfiller i lufta idag, men ingenting har heldigvis lagt seg enda :)
Welcome to a new follower and wishing you and anyone who might pop in at Winkel`s
a great week
Big snow flakes in the air today, but glad nothing has settled yet :)
blessings Pam

mandag 17. september 2012

Hiking, Waffles and Coffee

Another hike
and Waffles
Knasende sprø vafler og kaffe med vann fra et tjern i nærheten
Crunchy waffles and coffee with wather from a nearby lake.
This weekend`s hike wasn`t quite as steep as the last ones
A pleasant climb and then almost flat for miles.
My children love this hike
lots to discover and not too tiring
(not that they tire easily though)
Turen denne helga var ikke så bratt som de siste
En liten klatretur og så er det ganske flatt innover i mange kilometer

Bak neste blåne...
Vafler smaker best ute i skogen
Food always tastes best outdoors
Siste biten hjem, stien fører rett inn på tunet
The path leads straight up to our house
Jenny enjoying some freedom
Jenny koser seg uten bånd
Blessings Pam x

fredag 14. september 2012

Autumn hikes a country market and me thinking Simple Again!

Thinking Simple Again...
Gammel jaktbu i Setesdalsheiene
An old hunting shack in the mountains of Setesdalen.
Har tenkt mye på hvordan man kunne få til et år med et enklere levesett...
være litt modig...
prøve noe nytt - eller gammelt
en kombinasjon egentlig.
Er så veldig lei av et samfunn som gjennom ulike medium forteller meg om alt jeg trenger for å ha det bra, for å kunne regne meg som vellykket!
Sprøyt mesteparten etter min mening.
Hadde vært utrolig spennende å prøve et år med minimalt av dagens bekvemmeligheter...
Uten Tv med bare radio...
Mobiltelefon med solcellelader i tilfelle medisinsk nødtlfelle
uten bilen men med (hesten) ATVèn til sommersbruk og ski til vinterbruk når man måtte til sivilisasjonen.
Kanskje jeg hadde kommet løpende tilbake
kanskje ikke...
Kanskje jeg hadde funnet sider av meg selv jeg ikke visste jeg hadde...
Kanskje det hadde blitt enda klarere for meg...
hva som egentlig betyr noe her i livet...

Could do some sereous simple living here, makes one think a bit.
What things would I really miss after a winter here??
I have to be warm, at least be able to dress the cold out...
meaning I need a wood fire and a lot of firewood!
I need to have mobile coverage - in case of a medical emergency...
I have to have a stack of books,
my skis,
my Bible (should have put that first!)
Food - dried and canned...
would only take me a day to the shop on skis...
or an hour on the ATV in Summer...
In soggy wet weather when the marches are to boggy, I would have to walk...and that...
would be different story entirely ;)
Intriguing thought though...
a year in simplicity
stripped of all the unnecessary things the media keeps telling me that...
I HAVE to have
in order to be successful...
and happy...
in the words of Mr Ebeneezer Scrooge:

Jenny enjoying a simple rest in the grass...
couldn`t let her loose as the sheep were still free in the mountains.
Next time we go hiking here they will have been gathered in and miss Jenny can roam free once again :)
Jenny koser seg med en liten hvil i tyttebærlyngen.
Sauesankingen var ikke kommet igang da vi trasket i Setesdalsheiene, så hun måtte være i bånd denne gangen.

Above and below picture
From a country market in August.
Selling traditional, local food
such as lefser, jam, smoked fish and other.
Also a wide selection of home crafted items for sale
and demonstrations of traditional farming crafts
this year: the blacksmith and hesje- drying hay as done in past.

Another Autumn hike
A new one every weekend
who needs the gym for a workout
A meal with a view

A part of the climb
From the top
hugging my painted wooden coffee mug and enjoying the view.
Living the moment.
Have a great weekend anyone popping in at Winkel`s
 hugs and blessings Pam