tirsdag 29. januar 2013

Good things - Gode ting

The very best husband in the entire world brought me lovely red roses yesterday - no occasion
just because he thought I was looking rather gloomy lately.

Finished off this cheerful dolls bedcover this morning. Can`t be gloomy working with bright colours like this.

My father and grandfather made me this lovely dolls bed when I was a little girl. They were very secretive a few weeks before Chistmas and hung up a sheet infront of my grandmothers dressing table. To stop me from peeping they told me there lived a huge spider behind it...
so I mustn`t look.
I never did - really didn`t like spiders ;) 

Pippi and Betsy
are two of my old dolls I still have in my posession.

A snowy weekend and some skiing saturday. 
Sunday it snowed all day and I stayed warm indoors.

The temperatures have rizen to round zero now, snowed last night, rained this morning, a storm is forecast tonight, more snow and then colder. 
Nowonder everyone has a cough and a runny nose these days :)

Thank you for lovely comments,
be in to check on you all soon.

Pam xx

15 kommentarer:

  1. I love your quilt and snowy scene.....but a hubby that gives you flowers for no reason at all...he's a keeper, Heidi

  2. What a sweet husband to give you flowers to cheer you up....so thoughtful! And how wise of your father and grandfather to make up the 'spider' story, very clever indeed! xo

  3. Your red roses are so beautiful and your husband is so sweet to surprise you with them. I had to laugh how you were told not to peek behind the curtain because there were spiders so not to spoil the surprise of the doll bed. Your quilt is adorable and the babies look so cozy with their new little quilt. I hope you have a lovely day Pam.

    xo Danielle

  4. Your doll quilt is darling and brings so much cheer. So is knowing that you still have your precious doll bed after all these years. :-) xo Jennifer

  5. Wonderful husband and is it a W.G pottery vase?

  6. Så herlig med blomster! Her i huset kjøper vi masse! Og alle fargene jeg fikk med meg hjem fra butikken igår trengs! Hu for en kald og grå og sur uke vi har her i Bergen. More coulors to the people!;-) Ha en fin dag. Kramisar

  7. Vilken härlig historia om dina dockor du berättar! Skrattade här för mig själv om spindeln! Underbara rosor du fick, då måste du ju skina upp! Ha en fin onsdag trots oväder och förkylning! Tack för att du tittar in hos mej och skriver så fina kommentarer! Kram/Finas mammis

  8. Takk for kselig hilsen inne hos meg. Det er godt å høre at det er flere som meg , som tenker over det ... for det er det mange som ikke gjør tror jeg. det der med fuckings sykdom vet jeg det meste om desverre og man blir helt matt noen ganger . Det er jo ikke slik det skal være. God onsdag til deg kjære bloggvenn !

  9. Jooo herlighet så fikk jeg ikke med at jeg synes vuggen , med teppe og dukker er veldig søt , koselig med sånne ting ! Klem

  10. Love your dolly's quilt, the colors are so sunny and bright, No gloomy there. I love the story about the cradle and spider, that's so dear.
    Sweet husband to be so intuitive to you, even if you were just fine. Definitely a wonderful husband. And lastly, I love the last picture, it is magical!!!

  11. So sweet of your husband to bring you roses! I love the little doll blanket and bed. I too would have not peeked if I thought there was a spider. :)
    Hope you have a sweet day!
    ~ Zuzu

  12. What a sweet little dolly quilt and bed! They remind me of when my daughter was little. Roses are always a welcome sight! I think your husband is a keeper. :-)

  13. How lovely of your husband to bring a bit of Spring to cheer you up!

  14. Your husband is very sweet! It IS the long part of winter, and sicknesses, too! Your quilt and doll bed are very cheery, though! Thanks so much for stopping by, Pam!

  15. Heia :o)
    Jammen meg skikkelig vinter med snø hos deg.
    E ikkje sånn her hos oss.
    Hærlig dukketeppe i den skjønne dukkesenga. Det e så kjekt med sånne barndomsminner :o)


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