lørdag 5. november 2016

Kakkelovn - The Swedish wood burner

I have made a Swedish wood burner.
I have always loved them, majestic pieces
of furniture. 

Jeg har laget en Kakkelovn 
til Dallas dukkehuset.

A pill box and the cardboard roll
inside the kitchen paper.

En pilleeske og pappen i en kjøkkenrull.

A bit of lace at the top.
A plastic wrap around the base.

En blonde rundt toppen.
Tykk pakkeplast rundt fotenden.

All painted white.

Malt hvitt.


Towels and toilet paper,
safely away from dog and cat 😏.

Håndklær og toalettpapir.

Parfume and cream, other toiletries.

Litt til sminkebordet.

Early morning here and snow is falling.
Dog and I heading out when coffee is ready.
(Drora, I keep trying to comment, but my phone just wont let me publish. Really love your beautiful witches house!)

Første snøen faller her. Vinteren ser ut til å være tidlig ute i år. 
Morrakaffen er snart klar. 
Får drikke den før jeg våger meg ut ;)

Pam xxxx

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  1. Hei Pam ! Så fin kakelovn du har laget , skjønner ikke at du klarer å lage det av sånne små enkle midler , at det kan bli så fint ! Snøen har kommet og i dag skal det komme over en halv meter i Vestfold . Får håpe at den sorsvinner fort ! God helg ! Klem

  2. Hi Pam! Your Kachelofen/Swedish wood burner looks nice, it's great work! Especially because you have created it from very simple materials you have at hand. Now it will be very cosy in you home during the cold winter ;)! I think it was good thing to locked up the toilet paper, away for the dog and cat lol ;)! And which woman wouldn't love to have such lovely toiletries...?
    So snow falls already in your place? I wish I could see it with my own eyes because I LOVE snow!! But at the same time I also realise it can be very uncomfortable for lots of people, who have to struggle with it every day. Here, in The Nehterlands, it is getting much colder next week and the weatherforecast says there is a possiblity for wet snowfall, but not in that quantity of your country.....
    Take care and stay warm, dear friend. Warm hugs, Ilona

  3. beautiful job! I have always loved the Swedish wood burning stoves as well, I have never saw one like that in Canada and we burned wood for heat and cooking purposes for 27 years,, I would have loved one like this,,thank you for sharing this with us!

  4. I love the little green storage cabinet. Wish I had a full-sized one just like it. But then I would have to find someplace in this house where it would fit which would be a challenge.

  5. It seems strange to hear of snow when we had 35 degrees C here yesterday! I love your wood burning heater, perfect for snow weather. Lovely to see pist from you Pam, I hope it means you are feeling a little better.

  6. Så vacker kakelugn! Snillrikt uttänkt uppfinning och dito miniatyr :). Kaffe låter också gott.

    ~ Maria ~

  7. Love your Swedish woodburner, such a clever make! Keep cosy!
    Helen xox

  8. Beautiful and very clever! Thanks for sharing & God bless,

  9. Hi Pam,
    Thank you for showing how to make your Swedish wood burner. It is so special that you make your furnishings from your own creativity. Anyone can spend money and buy dollhouse furniture ready-made but your personalised, custom pieces have character and style.

    I had never heard of a Swedish wood burner but then, I know nothing of wood burners having lived most of my life in a city where the weather is mild to hot most of the time. What makes a 'Swedish' wood burner different to other wood burners? Are they meant to be a central heater for the whole house or are they meant to heat one space like a fireplace?

    I love visiting your blog because I usually learn something new about your part of the world, either in language, culture or nature. We are lucky to have the technology to discover and share ideas from opposite sides of our amazing planet.

  10. The Swedish wood burner is awesome. Thank you for sharing.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs, Drora


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