onsdag 16. november 2016

Dollhouse for a boy - Dukkehus til en gutt

When a boy overtakes a dollhouse, 
a handful of Trashpack figures, a flock of
animals and a British pilot
move in 😊!
Here they all are, having a film and 
Pizza evening
Når en gutt overtar et dukkehus
flytter det inn:
En håndfull Trashpack, en haug med dyr...
Og en Britisk pilot!
Her feirer gjengen med film- og 
pizzakveld 😊

Nytt gulv måtte legges i stuen nede,
det ble biljard-tema.

A new floor was laid in the ground 
floor lounge. Pool theme.

And oh good grief...
"I can't have a pink bathroom mummy!"

"Et rosa bad kan jeg ikke ha mamma!"

So we gave the room a new look.

Vi gav rommet en ny look.

Pam 😊 xxxx

7 kommentarer:

  1. Hi Pam, I see that you are in the mood for redecorating your dollshouse! I like your new plans and to be honest: I don't like pink too ;)! So, all of your rooms will get a theme, because you gave them new floors ;)?? Can't wait to see more, but it seems that the first residents with their pizzas are feeling completely at ease at the attic :)!!
    Have a nice day. Warm hugs, Ilona

    1. Thanks Ilona, however I can't take credit for the renovations. My 8 year son old is the mastermind behind this Lundby makeover and pizzanight 😊

  2. I love the creativity of an 8 year old boys min, so much fun! Pizza night is precious memories.

  3. Vilken bra idé att göra om till ett pojkhus. Barn kan verkligen fantisera och göra saker efter sitt tänkande. Toppen.
    Kram Eva

  4. I too, don't care about a pink bathroom. It's too girlish.
    I love the pizza scene. I see signs of Christmas in the house, this will keep you busy.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs, Drora

  5. Nice to see a male influence on a traditional dollhouse. My grandmother's bathroom was pink and black with a terrazo floor so, while I don't like an all-pink room, I thought of my grandmother's home straight away when I saw it. Adding black to pink makes it a bit more sophisticated.

    I saw some amazing miniature models at the Maker Faire in Adelaide, South Australia. People used 3D printing technology to create incredibly fine detail. You never know, Pam - you and your boy might one day be designing your own hi-tech furniture for your dollhouse. The development of technology makes dollhouses and miniatures a lot less 'girly'.

    You are either very patient or very nimble with your fingers and hands to work with such small things. Have fun!

  6. Kjempekoselig dukkehus - det faller sikkert i smak :)


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