søndag 24. august 2014

New Dollshouse - Stort Dukkehus

I have bought a new (old handmade) dollshouse. It is huge, almost fashion doll scale. I have put my coffee cup on the floor so you can see just how big it really is.

It will need a lot of doing up and changing, as is transformed from a toy into a decoration. 
As l said, it is almost fashion doll scale. A Barbie is 29 cm, I will be custom making the dolls for this house. Probably roughly 25 cm. Years since I last made dolls, hope I'm not too rusty :).

I love the staircases, 3 of them.

Pretty wallpaper, a keeper perhaps.

...and look at the attic! Ahh the potensial. See my lounge window-view out of the small window? 

Great transformations ahead, stay tuned :).

Jeg har kjøpt et nytt gammelt dukkehus!
Det skal pusses opp og det skal spesiallages dukker i str 25 cm.
Elsker trappene, 3 stk! Og loftet, her skal det skje store forandringer, følg med :).

Pam xx

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  1. Oh Pam, I'm so excited for you !! What a great new project.

  2. Hello Pam,
    It is a beautiful structure. what a great project.
    Big hug,

  3. Wow! I'm thrilled for you, Pam! What a fun find! You're going to be able to enjoy this project all winter long! I look forward to watching the transformation step by step. xo Jennifer


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