lørdag 23. august 2014

Going no ...poo

Anyone tried

Cutting out shampoo?
No - Poo!

There are lots of links out there
when you google it.
I first heard of it via the "Down to Earth" blog in my sidebar. A blog well worth the read!
Back to my hair.
I started a week ago,
I have heard it been said
That it will take five to six weeks before
One sees the full result.

What l did:

Take two bottles.
Bottle number one
Fill 1 litre + 1 tbl spoon bicarbonate of soda.
Pour over hair, massage in and allow to work a min.

Bottle number two
Fill 1 litre lukewarm water + 1 tbl spoon of vinegar.
Pour over hair.
Rinse out.

I am rather pleased sofar, 
One week and it's not getting fatty atall.
On the down side: slightly frizzy in the morning ( my son thought l looked a little like a troll)
But that is temorary l undertand, and my hair is very soft.

Will be back with an update.
Well worth a try,
Saves money and environment
and does me good.

Pam xxx

4 kommentarer:

  1. Good luck, I looking forward to seeing how you get on...

  2. My daughter has been trying this. I meant to ask her when she was here if she was keeping it up because her hair looked really good. Can't wait to see how yous does. xo Laura

  3. I can't use the vinegar on my scalp so I make a shampoo bar using half olive oil and half coconut oil, it cleans beautifully and no need for the acid rinse.

  4. det blir spenneden å se hvordan det går :-)
    hold oss oppdatert da :-)


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