mandag 9. november 2015

Bright pink Flamingoes - Knallrosa Flamingoer

I have been using up some of my stash lately.
How about pillow cases with bright pink Flamingoes and pink backing?!

My youngest son
used his own money
and bought me 
a miniature bread set

Milk bottles!!
Bless him, so kind <3

Pillows and Duvets in various scales.
Using up pretty scraps for tiny projects.

Small scale Pumpkins and wheelbarrow.
In the dollhouse mode at the moment.

Although health has been very bad for months, Sunday I finally managed to get in a short forest hike. ATLAST! JIPPI! Absolute heaven. Feel so very grateful.

It was Fathers' day here in Norway on Sunday, so a cake for the boys was in order.

Jenny and I ate carrots instead.

As I blog on my phone, I can't make a link ( atleast I havn't managed it). Instead I will mention Droras minimundo and her great givaway here. You will find her lovely blog on my blogroll.

Hope your week will be a good one.

Pam xx

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  1. Dearest Pam, I'm so glad that your health allowed you to go out for a short forest hike :D!! I always love to see your gorgeous fabrics, like your pink flamingo fabric with the pink backing, still summery yet ;)! It so sweet of your youngest son that he bought some wonderful miniatures for his Mom, enjoy it! Thanks for reminding us of the giveaway of Drora, she is such a very kind lady :)!
    Blessings and hugs, Ilona

  2. Ja her var det mange fine små dukkehus ting.
    Godt å kunne bruke opp små rester.
    Koselig med kake og litt feiring på farsdagen.
    Her ble det ostekake i år.
    Ønsker deg ei herlig ny uke .)

  3. I always love reading your blog Pam.
    . . And all these lovely pictures with small stories as well :)
    Have a nice weekend and all best wishes for your health.
    Hugs, Inger

  4. Love the flamingos and sweet doll's house makes. Wishing you well.....hoping your health improves and you can hike again soon.
    Helen xox

  5. Veldig flotte putetrekk, de kommer no til å friske opp der de havner. (",)

  6. I love seeing all the miniatures. So sorry your health has been poor and that you ate no cake. Do you find that you get more colds and flus when you eat sweets? I do! :-( I hope you feel better soon. So glad you got to hike! xo Jennifer

    1. Thank you Jennifer. I suffer from very bad chronic Migrane among other things and sugar of any kind (even fruit) triggers new attacks. Luckily though, dog and I love our veggies :). Pam xx

  7. Thanks so much for good wishes. Pam xx

  8. Hei Pam ! Så mye du syr , små og store ting og så fint ! Veldig fine stoffer synes jeg , selvfølgelig det med små blomster , men spesielt morsomt og fint med de rosa flamingoene synes jeg <3 Koselige bilder du har og hehh litt morsomt det med bålet og katten som går ! Jeg trodde du bodde mer på Vestlandet , men bor du i nord ??? Jeg bor jo som du vet i Vestfold . Fin dag til deg ! Klem

  9. Dear Pam, thank you for your visit, and lovely comment. I hope your health improves, and you are able to enjoy many more hikes soon! The tiny pillows are gorgeous. I especially love the floral prints turned into lovely little pillows, they look so real! xoxo Christel

  10. I adore those miniature pillows, Pam, and the flamingo fabric is gorgeous. In short, I like everything :-)

  11. Gokväll
    Så goda kakor du bjöd på på fars dag.
    Och så önskar jag dig en fin första
    Ps, stjärnan är av papper precis som du


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