torsdag 29. oktober 2015

Rag-rugs and Halloween

My rag-rug is finished and ready to warm our feet this winter. Underneath there will be a circular anti-slip mat to avoid it sliding.

A birthday card for a friend ♡
(The lace is from my mother-in-laws old curtains!)

We don't celebrate Halloween much, but we do have an Autumn childrens' party
with cobwebs, spiders, pumpkins and cakes. Not forgetting a treasure hunt in the dark.
Always great fun.

But don't eat too many sweets...
it could make you sick ;)

(pumpkin made by my eldest son)

Pam xx

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  1. I love your rag rug - I am trying to make either a rag rug of my own or a pet bed with remnant fabric. I have never made one before so I am very interested in your method. Your colours are bright and happy. The cobweb effect on the cake is so clever - so simple yet effective. Enjoy your autumn celebrations.

  2. The rug looks lovely! Great work!
    I love that cake. Who is going to be the lucky one to get the "mouthwatering"
    middle piece? ha ha...
    Hugs, Drora

  3. Hilarious "public service message" by your son! That is a fantastic rag rug. I used to make them as a girl, with my mother and granny. I have been thinking of doing one again sometime. Enjoy your Halloween! X

  4. Yummy and fun cake! Love the rug and the pumpkin is so creative! Happy Autumn!
    FYI: Check out my new blog for another workshop. Would love to have you join in again!

  5. Det var det mest originale gresskaret jeg har sett på lenge! (",) Greit med litt humor.

  6. What a fun - sorry, scary - cake, Pam.

  7. hello,
    your rug is fantastic....a great idea!!!
    blessings regina


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