tirsdag 3. juli 2012

Who`s got my Summer?
It should be here, it`s July already
and yet I find myself wanting to light the fire and get a blanket out.
Oh well...
the rain is keeping everything green isn`t it...
and I still have the pictures from
Last Summer
to enjoy dont`t I ;)

Sofar I have spent the Summer sightseeing and picknicing with my family. Nothing beats a really good homemade lunch with soggy tomato sanguages, sausage rolls or salad and crunchy bacon slices! Be it rain and blanket or sunscreen weather :)!

Will be back with some rainy updates shortly, unless we float away...

Hugs Pam

2 kommentarer:

  1. Oh how we would love some rain in Tennessee in United States we are so dry our grass is all dying. The temp. has been 109. Just send it our way. Hope you get some dry days soon.

    1. Hello :) hope you have had rain by now, I`m just out to water the garden. Weather has dried up, but that northern wind wont let go yet.


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