lørdag 21. juli 2012

Holiday to the coast - Ferietur til kysten

A holiday visit to the coast

Here are a few snapshots from the coastal town of Kristiansand -
Kristiansand by i sommersol

These swans were on a little beach, hoards of small children on the one side and Swan family on the other. I have never seen such peaceful swans, papa protected if anyone came too near, but made very little fuss otherwize.

En rolig og avslappet Svanefamilie på bystranda.

Bye for now - hadde litt (som de sier i Kristian by)

Klem - hugs


3 kommentarer:

  1. What beautiful swans. Gorgeous photos of your day.


  2. Så fine sommerbilder :)
    Svaner er så vakre <3


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