mandag 31. oktober 2011

The Autumn feeling - høststemning

Autumn sensations

Summer`s End

There are no leaves now to be seen,
And all is brown that once was green,
No violet lies in sweet repose,
Nor primrose in the hedgerow grows,
There are no bluebells in the wood,
Bare borders where delphiniums stood,
The cowslips have all disappeared
With columbines and old man`s beard,
There is no blossom in the bough,
The air is still and quiet now,
So Mother Nature takes a rest
And holds her children to her breast,
A lullaby she`ll softly sing
Until they wake again in Spring.

Brian Hope Gent

Hugs Pam

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  1. This is very pretty...looks like where I live in Minnesota! Thanks for stopping by and following my blog...I am a new follower, too!


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