søndag 17. januar 2016

Winter -Vinter

in all it's beauty
- 22 C
Clear blue skies
Sparkling snow
Skiing in the forest.
Hare and fox tracks.
So still.

A light meal
over an open fire.
Warm drinks.

Sunset nearing
It will be a starry night
a cold one
a beautiful one.

Day closing
Sky on fire.
Warm wood fire and candles lit
Knitting out
tea ready.
Three tired boys 
warm and snug in their beds.

Wish you all a good week ahead.
Hope for the best
and make the best out of what you get.

Pam xx

7 kommentarer:

  1. Beautiful photographs. I do love a real wintery landscape. We had a small amount of snow yesterday. Just enough for some sledging. X

  2. Your magical words and these serene pictures of your winter make your thoughts even more beautiful, dear Pam, thank you for this sneak peek in your Scandinavian life :)!
    Here, in The Netherlands, we have serious frost now -10oC. That's not as much compared to your temperatures, but for here one can say: it is winter now :D! Yesterday we had a little snowfall, about 3 cm, not much, but it gave me personally that lovely special winter feeling, a bit the same of what you described here above on your blog...so thank you for your blog post :D!
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  3. Hello Pam,
    Your pictures are amazing. What a gorgeous winter day!
    Big hug

  4. Vilka härliga vinterbilder du visar! Människan behöver tystnaden och stillheten ibland. Den tycks du ha fått där ute i skogen :).

    Ha en fin vecka!
    ~ Maria ~

  5. Vakkre vinterbilder fra en koselig tur , ser det ut til Pam ! Ja da er jeg også et stort barn , for jeg elsker Mummi og Mummi kopper ! Har du mange Mummi kopper da ? God uke til deg ! klem

  6. Such beautiful photos of georgeous Winter in Norway.
    Thank you for sharing With us.


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