fredag 25. september 2015

English paper-piecing and some minis. Hexagon sengeteppe og miniatyrer

Iam going to call ths hand-sewn quilt
the Summer quilt. 
Ibegan it in early Summer and it is full of Summer colours.

Ethvert stort prosjekt må ha et navn her hos meg. Dette hexagonsengeteppet kaller jeg
The Summer Quilt
Sommer sengeteppet.
Coming along slowly but nicely.

A couple of minis.
A bottle of Mermaid Tears for a birthday girl.
Et bittelite flaskesmykke med Havfruetårer til en som har bursdag.

En liten hoggorm til det gamle dukkehuset (i hagen).
A tiny snake for a tiny garden.

...and Melvin wishes everyone a great weekend!

...Og Melvin ønsker alle en god helg og høstferie om du skal ha det.

Pam xx

12 kommentarer:

  1. Hei Pam,
    Teppet er virkelig imponerende. Utmerket arbeid! Havfrue tårer er så gøy. Rådfør Melvin jeg ønsker ham og resten av dere en riktig god helg også.
    Stor klem,

  2. such an amazing quilt and the mermaid tears ,, that is so so lovely,, that tiny snake is also amazing!!!
    have the best weekend, you and Melvin!

  3. Your lovely quilt is getting along very fine. The birthday girl will be enchanted by the mermaid tear. You created a wonderful snake. Personally, I hate snakes but since they are part of our life I try to live and let live, taking care not to meet them face to face.
    I love Melvin and wish you all a great weekend.
    Hugs, Drora

  4. Dear Pam, your summer quilt is gorgeous, so are its colors. After it ever will be finished, it will always be a nice memory of last summer ;O!
    The miniature snake looks wonderful, but I agree with Drora: I also don't like real snakes/vipers, oh no :S! The mermaid tears at the other hand are more of my liking, maybe just because they have my favorite color, blue ;))!
    Please, give Melvin a huge cuddle of me.
    I wish you all a cosy and great weekend too.
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  5. Pam, your quilt is beautiful. Great project to continue on this winter. xo Laura

  6. Jeg blir så utrolig imponert av folk som kan sy sånne quilter, veldig veldig fint! Lykke til med innspurten, og god helg. (",)

  7. Hei Pam ! Hehh jeg visste ikke at det bildet fra verandaen kom med jeg :) Jajaa. Tolmodighetsarbeid de lux , så fint det blir !!! Melvin er kjempeflott da ! God høstferie ! Klem

  8. Beautiful quilt. It really is coming along nicely. Your minis are so sweet. Love that photo of Melvin. What a handsome cat! xo Jennifer

  9. What a beautiful quilt. You clearly have the soul of a miniaturist. I'm curious: are you near-sighted? For many years I just loved very small things, knitting on pins, etc. My eyesight has changed though and my near vision isn't so good as it was, so things on a very small scale aren't so appealing to me. Great cat-yawn photo! Take care, best autumn wishes from Scotland. X

  10. Hi Pam.. So nice to meet you.. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.. Love all of your hand work and your dolls are awesome.. God bless. xo

  11. What a lovely quilt this will be, great colors and fabrics.

  12. Absolutely gorgeous quilt, I love traditional scrappy quilts.


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