tirsdag 2. september 2014

Dollhouse renovations - Oppussing av dukkehus

What a tiring business it is
This renovating.
The lady and gentleman who have bought this big old house
Really have their work cut out for a while!
They put this sign up in their half-finished kitchen so they would remember to
Keep calm and drink

The animals still need feeding, in the midst of wood shavings and half-layed floors.

A Maileg table with two chairs (one of which had a fault and had to be changed) was the perfect housewarming gift from a dear friend. 
Tea for two
...or Coffee, as it were.

The lady of the house is a keen crafter, look what was in one of their many boxes.

I had better leave them to it, heaps to do l can see. Lets check in on them later shall we.

Oppussingen fortsetter.
Gulvlegging på kjøkkenet og Maileg bord med to stoler ankom samtidig! Ikke rart de måtte trøste seg med kaffe og muffins! Jeg lar dem jobbe videre og titter innom senere ;)

Pam xxx


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  1. What fun you're having with your new dollhouse! I love your first mini scenes and look forward to seeing many more! xo Jennifer

  2. Cute post and what a darling little house. xo Laura

  3. Det du berättar nu får mej att tänka på när jag gjorde möbler till min dotters dockhus för många, många år sedan....Kram/Finas mammis

  4. Hello Pam,
    Their house is well on it's way to being wonderful. Hang in there.
    Big hug,

  5. Så koselig livet i dukkehuset er , ser det ut til , som en egen verden ! Her venter jeg på at sola skal komme skikkelig igjennom , for det er meldt varmt og fint vær i dag . Fin soldag til deg ! Klem

  6. Hello Pam! Have you got a new dollhouse? I think I must have missed this while I was on vacation!
    Anyway the house looks great, although there has to be done a lot of things. And you've already got a story for this house ;)! I wish you lots of creativity to make a good home for all the inhabitants of this new house :D! Have fun!
    Hugs, Ilona

  7. Så kreativt - veldig koselig :)

  8. Åh, vilket fint dockhus du inreder! Jag har också ett som jag byggt själv och det var jätteroligt att inreda...

    Tack för din gulliga kommentar!

    Ha en fin torsdag!
    Kramar från Eva-Mari

  9. The house already looks great and promising. I love the tatted napkins.
    Hugs, Drora


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