mandag 3. desember 2012

A little Christmas decorating has begun

My Kitchen
this corner is where we have all our meals.
I don`t have a dining room anymore but chose an open solution between lounge and kitchen.
The table is from 1940 and oak.
It can be extended to about three metres.

Kitchen treasures on display

Love this little shelf/open cupboard
and all that is in it -
memories for both my husband and I.
Small things from our childhoods -
put together in one place.

Christmas crafting evening and parcel game with my children. my mum and my sisters children -
a chistmas tradition
Under here somewhere there are angels, appels, candles, a squirrel and more...
not complaining though...
I love snow...
the last lot is light and fluffy and chistmasy :)
- 10 Celsius and fabulous.

Melvin hates the snow and cold!
We have been trying for a couple of weeks to get him used to enjoying the outdoor...
but he yeowls at the top of his little voice and climbs up my daughters back...
perching on her head like a miserable parrot
claws out
fur in a fluff!
Wish my followers and anyone who might pop in
a good week
take time to enjoy the moment.
A very warm welcome to new followers! Lovely to have you along!
Blessings Pam
p.s. thank you for lovely comments :) I will be checking in on you all this ev.

14 kommentarer:

  1. I love your home and you nook is beautifully pretty!
    That silly kitty of yours is as sweet as my naught Jerry who had a Christmas ornament in his mouth this morning perched up on the couch in his favorite spot!

  2. Så adventsfint du gjort, härlig färg
    på gardinerna.

  3. I have just popped in to say hello
    Thea x

  4. So pretty! Enjoy the pretty white snow. It has been a very warm November and December this year so no snow in sight for now. I will have to enjoy my faux snow sprinkled here and there.


  5. Hei!
    Her var det mye sjarmerende å se, nostalgiske og hyggelige ting. Likte godt tallerkenhylla di. Fint pyntet!

    Ønsker deg fine dager i desember.
    Beste hilsner fra Trine

  6. Your shelf is full of lovley things..I like the old tins :) The parcel game sounds like a lot of fun. Can you send some of the snow here please..I am hoping for a white Christmas but not sure if it will happen.
    Thanks for visiting my blog x

  7. Herlig pyntet jule hjem:)
    Elsker de små bake boksene i hyllen din:)

    Ser dere har en del snø,her i Telemark er det lite:)

    Nyt dagen søte!!

    Klem Linda:)

  8. For et koselig kjøkken du har. Virkelig fint.
    Og fine puter under her.
    Ellen :)

  9. Herlige bilder, Pam...jeg elsker
    den kjøkkenkroken din! Og snøen...

  10. Önskar dig en fin och
    ♥God Jul♥ Pam

  11. Tittar in för att önska dej en härlig mysig
    JUL & ett GOTT NYTT ÅR !!!
    Kram ♥ Anneli

  12. Hei Pam!

    Ønsker deg og dine en riktig god jul!

    Klem Linda:)

  13. Tusen takk for koselige kommentarer :) Thank you so much for your kind comments :)and Blessed Chistmas - God Jul!

  14. I love all your beautiful Christmas decorating, sooooo pretty!!!!!!
    Chris :o)


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