fredag 16. november 2012

Melvin has joined the family

Melvin has joined the family
here taking life easy in the kitchen
Another pillow
granny squares
and floral backing with envelope opening.
A Christmas pillow
for my mum.
Trying to make a lot of my presents this year,
want Christmas to be about more than expensive presents.
Want to focus even more on Who we are celebrating
Christ - and what He is all about.
The shopping mania that goes on at the big shopping centes during the weeks before Christmas really winds me up.
Have had this fabrique for ages,
what fun combining different patterns and making something unique -
that won`t be found in the trend shops.
Are you going to be making any gifts this year?
Well, believe it or not but it`s Friday again!
We will be going to a Christmas market tomorrow, first this year. Lots of uniqe homemade products and a wiff of the Chistmas feeling. I bought homemade jelly babies last year, never seem to be able to get the consistency right when trying my hand at them. 
Wishing you all a really good weekend
enjoy the moment.
Blessings Pam

tirsdag 13. november 2012

There are always things to enjoy somewhere

Look at this lovely vintage fabrique I was sent a while back!
Nydelig retrostoff jeg fikk tilsendt for en tid tilbake!
Clementines and Mandarines - the smell and taste
is a wiff of the Christmas season for me.
Mandariner på tur
litt førjulsstemning langt inne i skogen.
always Coffee!
And another blanket in the making...
like I said earlier
one can never have enough ;)
Be in to check on you all later
Blessings Pam
P.S. Anyone know how I can remove the comment confirmation on my blog? Can`t seem to be able to remove it
gateful for suggestions :)

torsdag 8. november 2012

One can never get enough hand crafted blankets!

my big blanket is complete!
It is folded here and actually four times the size it looks.
Love using bright colours
particularly this time of year, as nature looses it`s colours outside.
My latest sewing project,
an everyday dress
for yours truly ;)
Some wintery pictures.
The snow came and went, but there are enough frosty mornings with temperatures down to - 7 Celsius.
AND we don`t have to get the snow plough out either...

I will be in to visit you all during the weekend!
Blessings Pam :)

fredag 2. november 2012


Lights indoors
Picture doesn`t do them justice
White light
just enough to light up the small passage
when darkness falls outside.
Thank you for your comments on previous post
my computer is playing up again, so I`ll be popping in to visit you from my mobile phone.
Blessings Pam