søndag 31. januar 2016

Quilting in miniature - Mini-quilting

Two small bed quilts
1:12 and
1:6 in size.
I think they turned out really cute.

The backing on the big one is my father-in-laws (new) handkerchiefs and
the backing on the small one is from my sons pyjamas :)

Kitchen and Pantry cupboard made

All for a fun project in the making ;).

Cleaning the RL cupboards
I had to admire my collection of Moomin Seasonal mugs. Sweet'n cheerful for warm Winter drinks. I have collected for some years now.

Miniquilting og te har vært på plakaten over helga.
Nakke og skuldre må betale dyrt nå, så nå blir det "Steinhimmelen" med Karin Brunk Holmquist og te i koselige kopper kommende uke. Veldig glad i mummisesongkoppene mine. 

Ønsker alle en skjønn uke :)

Wish you all a good week :)
Pam xx

torsdag 21. januar 2016

Winter beauty - Vintervakkert

Morning walk

Washing line in Winter


Keeping warm
Pus trives best ved Vedovnen

Bleke vinterkinn nyter litt solskinn

Someone passed by here last night under a starry sky...
perhaps a fox?

Evenings by the log fire.
Tea and hexagon quilt
in progress.
My favourite corner.

Pam xx

søndag 17. januar 2016

Winter -Vinter

in all it's beauty
- 22 C
Clear blue skies
Sparkling snow
Skiing in the forest.
Hare and fox tracks.
So still.

A light meal
over an open fire.
Warm drinks.

Sunset nearing
It will be a starry night
a cold one
a beautiful one.

Day closing
Sky on fire.
Warm wood fire and candles lit
Knitting out
tea ready.
Three tired boys 
warm and snug in their beds.

Wish you all a good week ahead.
Hope for the best
and make the best out of what you get.

Pam xx

lørdag 9. januar 2016

Winter, cold winds from Siberia and homemade soup - Vinter, kuldegrader og hjemmelaget suppe

and beautiful
Rabbit Sindi's House
Come evening a warm red glow shines from her window, 
inside the sweet little old lady is warm and snug.

The lake is frozen over after a long cold period.
They say it is the Winds of Siberia
sweeping over us
making us wrap up warm
surrounding us with
Great beauty

Loving our walks
even more than usual.

Warm homemade Turkey soup,
broth and meat frozen from the Christmas dinner.
More snow on the way tonight and tomorrow:
More warm meals
and rosy cheeks.
Warm wood fires
candles lit

Pam xx

søndag 3. januar 2016

Gode ønsker for 2016 - Best wishes for 2016

En liten bildekavalkade.
A little of my Christmas in pictures.

Brownies with Father Christmas hats.

Leftover yarn is pecfect for crazy socks.
Restegarnssokker - strikketøyet har vært framme hver kveld.

More socks...

Wonderful book of patterns I was given for Christmas - Fairy and folk tale knitted mittens.
Lots to knit!
Boka med votter fra eventyrene fikk jeg til jul. Masse herlig strikk, neste vinter er hele familien varm på hendene :)!

Weather has changed from this...

to this.
Nå er vinteren kommet.

More socks from yarn scraps.
Restegarnssokker til minsten.

Dinner by the outdoor fire pit.
Middag ved bålpanna.

For hubby
til Far

Happy and blessed New Year
Velsignet Nytt År

Pam xx