fredag 13. juni 2014

Å velge stil - Finding a style

It has often puzzled me how quickly things appear to get out-dated and passè. Trendsetters tell us what is the "right" colour this year and what is definately "not". I find myself feeling indignated and more than a little annoyed. I am not going to be dictated and preassured into buying new things because someone tells me I ought.
Because if I don`t buy it then my home isn`t really good enough?
Yeah right, nice try!

The irritation I feel every new season and the amount of commercials florating in today`s modern society (post/tv/radio etc.) has made me think a lot about

What I REALLY like and WHY I like it, the way certain things make me FEEL.

We decorate our homes with our feelings don`t we?
At least by a big part.
And that`s what the media does isn`t it, plays on our feelings when it comes to decorating our homes. Trendsetters create a setting and then fabricate a yearning in us to re-create that setting in our own lives.
That is how I see it.
And it makes me angry.

It has made me think, at least, and  have a closer look at my own home and some of my own choices.
It has brought me home,
made me realize more about how past and present are woven together.  

For me, my pondering has resulted in a far more practical approach to interior and a radical need to simplify. 
As a young girl I was determined to become a nun and own virtually nothing. That was long before I got tangled up in the commercial whirlwind and thought I needed heaps of stuff.
I grew up on a farm. My family lived pretty frugally after todays standards. Eating leftover meals "messapottages" was quite usual, mending clothes, re-using, making do, saving etc.
I didn`t realize until well into my thirties and struggeling to keep ut with the commercial circus that I had lost something along the way and needed to get "home".
The reason I was hating my new "lifestyle" so much was because it felt wrong and pointless.
I realized that I LOVE mending and re-using, eating leftover meals, saving and  making do!
AND I don`t really want new lounge curtains, even if the advert is shouting to me from the tv screen that they are on SALE!!


I am quite content.

Pam xx 

mandag 9. juni 2014

Aking i kortbukse/ Snowplay in shorts

Mountain passing between Brokke - Suleskar.
4 metres high on the left hand side.

Fremdeles fire meter høye brøytekanter endel steder mellom Brokke - Suleskar.

Outdoor living.
Simple, almost free and almost finished.
Everything except the blankets has lived a previous life.
A few final touches and the Summer holidays can begin.

Ny uteplass nesten klar.
Pallesofa med barnas gamle madrasser, kabeltromler og saueskinn. Nå mangler bare litt mer grus og bålpanna.
Noen enkle blomster kanskje :)

Come Summer I find myself using cotton to knit or crochet with. The heat nodoubt has some say in the matter, but also it feels more appropriate somehow :).

Sommervær gjør at det for det meste går i bommulsgarn både i hekling og strikking. Ikke de helt store prosjektene på gang men vaskekluter og litt småtteri kan man ha med overalt. 

Puss enjoying the "new" outdoor lounge.

Pus syntes uteplassen var helt topp.

Ikveld er det visst meldt styrtregn, 
Slipper i allefall å vanne hagen ;)

Pam x

søndag 8. juni 2014

Landliv - Country moments

Gode venner leker på jordet.
Buddies at play in the meadow.

Gleder meg til ripssaft i høst.
Red currants are coming along nicely.

Evening light.

Nyklippet gress og brummingen fra den gamle klipperen.
Fresh cut grass and the hum of the mower.

Pam xx

torsdag 5. juni 2014


A weekend visit to Setesdalstunet in Kristiansand. An outdoor museum preserving buildings of hostoric value.

Helgetur til Setesdalstunet i Kristiansand. De fleste bygningene ble flyttet fra Setesdalen  i 1950 årene.
 Håper disse skattene blir bevart for fremtidige generasjoner også.

Pam xx